What sets our products apart...

  • Features:
We have one of the most complete feature sets of any system available today.
  • Cost:
Our systems cost several times less than other systems with comparable features.
  • Service:
Without proper support from the vendor even the best software becomes unusable. We pride ourselves in providing the best support and training possible.
  • Integration:
All our products are fully integrated providing a total solution and eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, different databases, and maintenance.
  • Multi-Specialty:
Our system is customized for the specialties in your practice.
  • Flexibility:
Contents and Templates are easily customized to your needs. Ad-hoc report writer allows you to access the information that you need.
  • HIPAA Compliant:
Completely HIPAA Compliant billing and EMR. Secure user access with audit capabilities and restricted access rights.
  • Interfaces:
whether you need to interface to another system to interchange information via HL7 or other methods or to interface a piece of equipment such as a lab instrument we have over 200 interfaces built and can custom write one for any purpose.
  • Better Workflow:
Using our exceptional tools you can streamline all aspects of patient care. From appointment scheduling to patient check-in through provider encounter and check-out, billing and follow-up.